Hello from MN!(ManyTax&SnowDuh)

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Hello from MN!(ManyTax&SnowDuh)

Postby MichelleHH » Sat Jun 15, 2013 7:33 am

Seeking approval Sir or Madam admin. (affirmations, praise, elations and applause are also encouraged)
I am extremely to have found this very informative CASAA organization!
and not so happy about all the governmental chuckholes I see ahead for the first method in 48 years that has completely eliminated tobacco cigarettes from my life.
I'm 21 days clean and free of cigarette smoke for the first time since I was 9yrs old, as a result of ecig use.

I live in Minnesota, have questions about the new "pay for the Vikings Stadium" tax legislation, and am hoping to secure answers here.
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