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SmileinBob Of the ECigAdvanced forums

Postby smileinbob » Sun Jul 08, 2012 10:06 pm

Hello all... I am smileinbob that posts regularly on the ECA Forums. I mainly made an account here to let you know that you have a broken link at when trying to pull up the lab reports it sends you to the legal cases.

Something I would like to suggest is perhaps a "Scam Alert" notice, either in the forums or on the main pages some where. Sad as it is, there are more than a few shysters out there that are making bogus claims and even rallying fear of any product other than their own. These people are doing far more harm that good and a visible list made by members of the community with what exactly they are doing could be quite helpful for newcomers looking to get in on e cigs.

Perhaps even a list of vendors that community members can give honest ratings of... I always am suspect of ratings on some ones own site but having a non biased site with actual users thoughts and experiences would be a horse of another color. I know that many of the forums for ecigs across the web have many reviews like this but nothing is really unified and many of the forums are sponsored by various individual vendors or retailers. I personally trust reviews that i read from people on ECA but thats because I have been on those forums enough to know the people there and how they review things. From a brand new person's point of view seeing adds for one company next to a review of another can be abit off putting.

I'm sure you ladies and gentleman have more than enough on your plates as it is but if some of this could come around I think it could bloster CASSAA and the community as a whole.

Anyways I thank you for your time

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Re: SmileinBob Of the ECigAdvanced forums

Postby Laurel » Mon Jul 09, 2012 10:39 am

Hi, thanks Bob ;) I forwarded your post to Kristin to look at since she handles the website.
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Re: SmileinBob Of the ECigAdvanced forums

Postby kristin » Mon Jul 09, 2012 5:02 pm

Hi Bob,

Thank you for the heads up on the link. Seems the link below the picture was correct, but somehow the picture itself got linked to the wrong page. It's fixed now!

Regarding your suggestion, it is something that the board has discussed and decided not to do because to the logistics and some other considerations. We actually have been discussing something similar, due to recent events, but we still are facing many of the same issues. We did do an article a while ago that we hope will be helpful:

I will ask the other directors if we should maybe post it again on our news blog (with some needed updates.)
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