Superbowl Opportunity

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Superbowl Opportunity

Postby Trucapri » Mon Jan 02, 2012 1:01 am

With thousands of ECF viewers, there must be hundreds that have "neighborhood" sports bars where they know the owner/managers personally. The Superbowl is approaching quickly and it could provide a great opportunity, where municiplates would allow of course, for vaporers to not only vape openly, but also put up posters, set out flyers, wear CASAA t-shirts, etc. to promote awareness, tolerance and acceptance.

Many of these local bars are also featured on local news casts before, during and after the game; again, offering a prime opportunity for positive PR if handled correctly.

Is there time? Could this work?? But most importantly, is the timing right for such a daring, public campaign??

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Re: Superbowl Opportunity

Postby John Phoenix » Fri Apr 06, 2012 8:32 am

Well the Superbowl Is indeed over BUT people could still do this because Football Season is just starting !

I'm talking about The Other Professional Football in America - The Arena Football League.

Arena football ( The "AFL" ) starts about a month after the super bowl and continues for the next 3 months - just in time for the NFL to start up again. This way you get Football year round.

There are many games each week to watch through Cox Cable, the NFL Network or online through See for more info. If your local sports bar isn't showing these great games they are really missing out.

Arena Football differs from the NFL in that the games are played indoors.
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