IMPOTRTANT!! TWO New Electronic Cigarette User Surveys

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IMPOTRTANT!! TWO New Electronic Cigarette User Surveys

Postby kristin » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:56 pm

CASAA and e-cig advocacy needs your participation! We've been getting a lot of inquiries to CASAA about how people can help - here is your chance to participate in something important for electronic cigarette users!

There are two surveys we need you to fill out:

CASAA Electronic Cigarette User Questionnaire Survey

This questionnaire is to determine the real life motivations and habits of electronic cigarette users for the purpose of advocacy, education and efficacy. The results will be used in the education of legislators, opponents and laypeople in the effort to debunk the myths and misconceptions about electronic cigarettes. It will also be used to help make improvements in the design and efficacy of electronic cigarettes. Please be as honest and thorough in your answers as possible, even if it seems to be a negative answer. Don't try to analyze whether or not it is "helpful" to answer a question honestly. There is a reason for every question, so it's important we get a clear picture of both the positives and negatives people are experiencing - so be 100% honest with every question. Help us help you!

This survey was a co-operating effort of CASAA, the Vaper's Coalition and the National Vaper's Club - all groups fighting hard to keep your right to vape.

CASAA Electronic Cigarette User Questionnaire Survey

Link: University of geneva questionnaire for current and former users of electronic cigarettes

This survey is for researchers to better understand who users of electronic cigarettes are, how this product is used, and what are the opinions of users of this product. [COLOR=black]It is independent of manufacturers and retailers of electronic cigarettes and of the pharmaceutical and tobacco industries. [/COLOR]

Jean-Francois Etter, Dr. Polit Sci
is senior lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, Switzerland. He is in charge of the Stop website and is the author of numerous scientific publications.

[COLOR=black]Dr Chris Bullen, MD
is director of the Clinical Research Unit of the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He directed numerous research projects and has authored numerous scientific publications.

Dr. Bullen is a known and trusted collegue of our friend Dr. Murray Laugesen of Health New Zealand and supported by CASAA and our friend, Smokefree Pennsylvania's, Bill Godshall. This study is NOT designed nor is it backed by anti-ecig groups!

Link: Stop-tabac: Questionnaire for current and former users of electronic cigarettes

Both surveys are MULTIPLE PAGES, so please don't stop until you get to the thank you page on both!

If you already took the Geneva survey, just do the CASAA survey now.

CASAA and the University of Geneva are looking to get at least 1,500 respondents on BOTH surveys, for the most comprehensive results. So please take BOTH surveys as soon as possible.

This is a chance to make a difference and have your voice heard in the fight to keep e-cigs available, effective and affordable. Please take a few minutes and do the right thing.

Finally, please link to this thread anywhere and everywhere you can - other e-cig/vaping forums that you frequent, in the comments of vaping videos, in your private forum groups, in supplier forums and sub-forums you frequent and if you are a vendor, on your website!!

Thank you!!
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