an opening?

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an opening?

Postby crashinbrn » Mon Sep 13, 2010 1:57 pm

when i signed up here i read to monitor the legislature. i subscribed to some different committee alerts by e-mail. health being the main one. today i got one which say this~
Charge #7 - Examine how the state could enact policies to improve the
overall health of Texans, focusing on programs that compliment
individually-based prevention with community-based prevention to reduce
obesity rates by increasing physical activity, improving nutrition, and
improving self-management of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Examine
obesity-related health disparities between different ethnic groups and
ways to narrow these gaps. Consider the fiscal and health impact of
second-hand smoke on businesses and service sector employees. Study
state-level initiatives to incorporate these individual and
community-based prevention strategies, including initiatives pursued in
other states.

3 things made me look twice at it, improving the health of Texans and including initiatives pursued in
other states and smoking too since e-cigs seem to get clumped into that category, i thought i would bounce it off you guys to see what you think.

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