Rec. nic may become available only on the black market

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Rec. nic may become available only on the black market

Postby Kate » Tue Oct 12, 2010 6:48 am

Plans to hand all nicotine sales rights to pharmaceutical companies are moving along. There are now proposals from the European Union and the World Health Organisation to bring nicotine which hasn't been medicalised under tobacco control regulations. Alongside this move, new end game strategies from tobacco control on removing it from tobacco products have been announced.

That may mean outright bans or usage restrictions, trading restrictions, border quotas, internet sales bans, advertising bans, postal bans, extortionate taxes etc.

If tobacco control are given jurisdiction over all non medical nicotine there is good reason to believe they will close commercial markets and make recreational nicotine sales illegal. I suspect the most harm will be for recreational nicotine traders and people who don't have access to low cost black market supplies...

More details, links and ideas for action at this link:
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