Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking

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Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking

Postby John Phoenix » Mon Jan 23, 2012 7:55 pm

Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking - Be Proactive

Many doctors believe that the health risks for vapers using nicotine is no worse than coffee drinkers using caffeine. Soda pop has caffeine as well as tons of sugar and a host of other chemicals. Parents often give their kids this dangerous drink as early as 5 years of age - and think nothing of it.

For reference, here is a good article about the stuff in soda pop. This stuff can have as bad health consequences as smoking does just short of killing people. http://www.oleda.com/oleda_tips/tips.asp?dept=48 Dangers of Soda Pop (Carbonated Soft Drinks) I'd go as far as to say vaping is safer than drinking this stuff - and parents think nothing of giving this to their kids.

Many teens start smoking between the ages of 13 and 16. It doesn't matter that they cannot legally purchase the cigarettes - teens find ways to get and use them, often behind the parents back.

In the interest of our teens health I say to parents to be proactive. Just like that sit down talk you have with your kids about the birds and the bees, or drugs, talk to them about vaping as well as smoking. If the teen is apt to try smoking even against your wishes, at least you can try to steer the teen to vaping instead. After all, it may be the thing that keeps the teen from smoking real cigarettes and you know it won't cause anywhere near the harm smoking does.

People are funny though. Some may get mad at me for suggesting such a thing when they willingly let their teen drink gobs of soda pop or even coffee. Parents are often not honest with themselves and rationalize the things they do ignoring the facts. We all do this, we are only human. It's best to be honest with oneself and not use a double standard. Don't give your kid soda pop or coffee and then tell them they cannot keep from smoking by using an e-cig instead. You'll look to your kid like a hypocrite and they may resent you for it.

Parents may maintain they wish their kids not to use any drugs, even legal ones. This is understandable and normal for parents. Parents don't want to see anything harm their kids. Thing is, you cannot always be there to stop your kid from making a bad decision. It's better to give them a safer option they know you approve of, than seeing them make a worse decision about their health. They will feel that you are on their side and understand their need to try the drug in question. (in this case nicotine)

If we don't make it normal for teens to want to vape instead of smoking, we will never get rid of the smoking problem with our teens. This means more people hooked on deadly cigarettes and a lifetime of our kids growing up with smoking related illness and death. This is why we must be proactive with our teens about vaping. If your really lucky your teen will never wish to try any form of nicotine. If your not as lucky at least you can help your teen make a much better choice.


I'm posting this everywhere I am a member. People will say, "You can't suggest such things, the FDA will use it for fuel against us!"

I'm not worried about that in the least. I am worried about our children and the life they will have if they choose to smoke. Teen smoking is a major serious issue. Most of us ex smokers started when we were teens. I do not recommend any teen take up any form of nicotine but kids will do anything they set their mind to. I'd rather see a teen with a propensity to smoke use an e-cig instead. If they are going to smoke anyway at least give them an option you can both live with.
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Re: Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking

Postby kristin » Fri Feb 10, 2012 12:16 pm

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Re: Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking

Postby Moueix » Sat Feb 09, 2013 8:27 pm

Hello John!

I'm new around here, and your title gave me cause to look twice. I understand all of your excellent points. And you are certainly right, that it would be FAR better for our children to vape rather than smoke.

If I could however, I'd like to suggest that we are at war. We are in a war of words with very sophisticated, highly articulate, supremely funded and powerful forces in the Pharmaceutical and Tobacco industries. Since words are our only weapons, we must choose them OH so carefully. One could possibly interpret your post title to mean that we should encourage our teens to vape, and then start smoking. Please read it and see if you don't see that possibility. It isn't as important here, but "out there", they WILL twist anything and everything that we say to their advantage. It is very important that we parse our words very carefully so that they cannot be misinterpreted and used to cause us harm. In the case of your argument, might it not be better to say "Discourage your teens from smoking or vaping, but make them aware of the less harmful effects of vaping"?

To be clear, vaping is not "safe" and we should not want our children doing it, at any age. Nicotine is both addictive, and has deleterious effects on our cardiovascular system. My personal belief is that the calming effect of nicotine, and the promising scientific studies regarding nicotine possibly helping to slow down the progression of Parkinson's Disease (my Mom died of PD's side effects) and Alzheimer's and other possible health benefits, offset the cardiovascular negatives.

Please don't take offense to my suggestion, it isn't intended as criticism. Only a reminder of what we are up against, and how careful we must be to represent the issues and our opinions so our words cannot be twisted and abused.
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Re: Encourage your Teens to vape before they start smoking

Postby bizmitchel » Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:26 pm

Wow what a hot topic......now that s playing with fire lol....No No No lol......
Ok, my opinion;
yes and no. I would not sit my child down at the age of 14 to 17 and have a birds and bees style conversation with them about tobacco and tobacco alternatives. Ok, child smoking at age of 15 I could see recommending alternatives to them in order to help steer them in the right direction (as I would do with anybody) but in no way would I want to give them the inclination that I approve of tobacco, nicotine, or under age use. I think honestly the first thing I would do is slap the kid on the back of the head (not hard of course), smoke the cigarettes in front of them (even though I don't smoke anymore) and tell them if I find them smoking cigarettes again I'll cut off their allowance so they won't be able to afford them and ground them to the house for a few weeks to give them time to quit......
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