Campaign to financially beef up CASAA

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Campaign to financially beef up CASAA

Postby Projectguy » Sat Oct 13, 2012 9:55 pm

Hello All

My second post here. A couple of days ago (with great fan fare) AEMSA announced a coming out. I followed the discussions, contributed, listened, learned and became very concerned. While I have only been vaping since 1 June 2012 I have become an advocate because I am Native (Huron Wendat) and the percentage of all Native people (Canada) who smoke is 60%. This is due to our cultural attachment to tobacco as a sacred medicine and as a source of badly need revenue. Professionally I am a merchant banker and have done it all over the world. In my professional experience I have never seen a market with the potential that vaping presents. The dynamics of this opportunity are incredible and I really don't think most vapers realize or understand this.

To the point of this missive; while AEMSA organizes and gets ready to defend what will be a small patch of the vaping world after BT splits up the kingdom we still need a strong voice advocating for all of us not just a small percentage of juice makers or suppliers or consumers. I proposed on the EFC a voluntary payment box that would be added to all willing suppliers where people who purchase could select the option of adding say 10% (or amount of their choosing) to their bill which would be sent to CASAA.

The reason for this was that I believe that CASAA should beef up in order to start assuming a variety of roles including that of AEMSA. Oldsoldier (EFC Moderator) advised that CASAA wanted nothing to do with such an expanded role. I asked about a fund raising campaign as described above he suggested I should talk to you all. So here it is and looking forward to a discussion.

PS For those of you interested my EFC Posts are here Post 694 to 698 ... hes-9.html
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