This ain't your daddy's Democrat Party

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This ain't your daddy's Democrat Party

Postby lafaverp » Tue Dec 11, 2012 8:29 pm

Take a look at the recent tactics of the unions currently in Michigan and recently in Wisconsin. Why is it that the unions always resort to violence when they don't get their way ? I attended my first CASAA teleconference last week. It was no surprise that when the forum was open to ideas and I pointed out the restrictive laws being promulgated by the Obama FDA, the crazies couldn't control themselves. Out came the nastys. Look at the pending anti-tobacco regulations. The usual cast of liberal characters. Durbin, Lautenberg, Harkin, Markey, Waxman, Blumenthal and of course the regime leader, President Obama. Look at any new regulation coming down the line and you will find a D attached to the sponsor. So, the bottom line? Do you want e-cigs to remain legal? Even more important, do you want an America that is strong, free and fiscally sound? Consider very carefully who you vote for.
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