The danger of inexpensive retail RBA's and Mechanical Mods

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The danger of inexpensive retail RBA's and Mechanical Mods

Postby Moueix » Sat Feb 09, 2013 7:57 pm

Hello ,

I am a new member to the forum, and recently contributed, signed up, and elected to volunteer as a regional representative for CASAA.

I have a topic I would like to raise regarding a new danger to the vaping community. This really should be addressed to retailers, but I see that their subforum is woefully underparticipated in. Perhaps then, it is our responsibility to alert them of this possible danger.

I have been vaping only 6 months, and in that time I have seen tremendous technological change. My concern is the proliferation of inexpensive rebuildable atomizers readily available at retail, and now, meaning this week, the proliferation of inexpensive mechanical mods readily available at retail. At Hoosier Vapes, a GG Clone is available for $30. A very nice looking mechanical mod. An AGA-T+ RBA (very sophisticated device), is available for $25. I have witnessed in the past that once these items become available at one place, they soon become available everywhere. Additionally, while Hoosier Vapes DOES place a warning that the device is intended for experienced users, and should only be used with protected cell batteries, they are also out of stock of those batteries, but continue to sell the device. Probably an oversight, but this is how accidents happen.

Rebuildables and mechanicals were previously the domain of very experienced vapers, were pricey, and required jumping through many hoops to obtain. The experience level of the users was generally very high. This is going to change very quickly. Retailers need to protect themselves, AND their customers, from the danger posed by unprotected high energy batteries, and hard shorts which often occur in rebuildables. A simple multi-meter, which is absolutely crucial to the safe use of this combination of devices, is now as or more expensive than an entire combination of mod and RBA, and will likely often be foregone by those seeking these inexpensive devices.

Education is always preferred to regulation. But it would seem that devices beyond the capabilities of novices are becoming readily available, without that education. Which I am sure you understand, would lead to the other. Regulation.

A workplace or public venue accident will certainly grab significant media attention, and will likely result in the banning of ALL devices from the workplace and public venues. A novice user, experiencing a hard short, will likely not have sufficient knowledge to calmly and quickly disable the device, let alone understand what is happening and why. Retailers need to protect themselves and their customers by, at the VERY minimum, requiring the customer purchase a protection device such as the Short Stop or any other fuse-able electronic fail safes, and that they also acknowledge that they will use that device in their unprotected mechanical mods. For their own liability protection, the protection of this industry, and the protection of their customers.

To date, the incident rate of battery issues has been very low, and were the result of the user making modifications to a protected commercial product. We've gone past that now, and if the FDA seeks to find that the technology is advancing too rapidly without oversight, the recipe for that reality is already in the mix. Please warn your retailer of what I believe is a significant threat to the safety of their customers, and our continued unrestricted and unregulated access to, and use of electronic cigarette products.

Edit: Case in point; A member who has been on ECF for ONE month just posted this thread

Title: .002 ohms and loving it!

alright.. i made a double coil with tripple twisted 30 gauge kanthal in 3 loops on each wick which is made of 4 strands of 3mm silica. the ohms on my nimbus are measuring at .002!! im getting tons of great clouds.. nice warm vapor.. im really enjoying it but can this be bad in any way? its not going to blow up is it?

im pretty sure its .002 ohms... could be.. im still not sure i know how to use this multimeter right. in the 20k switch position i measured 0.00 so i switched to 2k switch position and measured .002... is that right?

Of course, unbeknownst to him, he was safely at .002 KILO ohms, which could be anywhere between 1.5 and 2.49 ohms due to rounding.
If he vapes in crowded movie theatres, I'd appreciate a rotating beacon hat for him so I know when to leave...

Then we have Imeo's and Bishopheals' (One a manufacturer of the GG, the other the only approved US retailer of GG and accessories) with a video showing how to use stainless mesh wick as a coil. Link here: Whereupon Bishopheal wraps a tiny test coil in an odysseus, and proudly proceeds to "Trust the GG" as he hits the button on his unregulated mechanical without even checking the ohms or for shorts. Ahhhh... Industry leaders helping the masses burn down their homes. GOOD stuff.
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