Irrational Media and Activists Controlling Smokers Habits...

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Is the media offering balanced reporting, in your area, regarding electronic cigarettes?

Yes, they always report both the negative and positive equally
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Sometimes, it seems they only offer balanced reports if an e-cig vendor has paid for advertising with them
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No, they tend to report negative only, such as an e-cig 'scam artists' ripping customers off, but do not seek out ethical e-cig vendors OR they report the ignorance of the Rule/Law Maker, but do not educate the public with the truth about electronic cigarettes
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Irrational Media and Activists Controlling Smokers Habits...

Postby » Sat Apr 16, 2011 9:40 pm

Irrational Media and Activists Controlling Smokers Habits In-spite-of Electronic Cigarettes Health Benefits...

AirE8 Electronic Cigarettes IS Positively Satisfying! (copyright) ... pus-2.html

See above link for FACTS and STUDIES regarding electronic cigarettes when compared to nicotine inhalers and other NRTs. Please read this quick summary. There is no reason to fear electronic cigarettes other than the irrational fear that is put in place by some media outlets in an effort to boost their sales with 'negative reporting'. Please do not be gullible...make your own decisions.

Smokers have been criticized for years - now there is a valid alternative with electronic cigarettes. However, certain 'activists' cannot accept this fact, as they prefer to control our 'habits' in spite of the clear health benefits of electronic cigarettes. Should we tell these 'controlling activists' to not brush their teeth because toothpaste is not FDA approved? What about vitamins or chewing gum that are not FDA approved? Or, maybe they should stop drinking caffeine products (caffeine has the same affects as nicotine on a human body).

Electronic cigarettes are nothing more than a battery operated mini personal vaporizer emitting flavored water vapor. The vapor may or may not contain nicotine depending on the user's preference. AirE8 customers, who have eliminated traditional cigarettes, have reported easier breathing, feeling more energetic, without gaining weight. We are very proud of their efforts and sincerely understand their frustration with gullible rule/lawmakers who clearly have no idea how an electronic cigarette benefits the public as a whole.

We strongly suggest certain 'controlling activists' find a REAL issue to focus on like violence or the economy. Irrationally controlling other peoples' habits should not be their concern, ever.Image
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