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Re: Smoking Replacement Theory

Postby Kate » Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:25 am

It'll be really good if we get to keep our recreational use when the practice is hijacked by pharm. companies for smoking cessation.

Smoking may be defined as a medical issue but vaping isn't necessarily - yet. I'd say that if coffee isn't then surely there's no need for vaping to be one either.

Let's keep it fun, effective, innocent and affordable if we can, the medical definition will take over soon enough without our help - where there's money ... :roll:
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Re: Smoking Replacement Theory

Postby CES » Thu Feb 18, 2010 8:41 am

Hi all, I'm new to the CASAA forum, and i hope you don't mind me jumping into the thread...

I like the idea of changing semantics . I've wondered there is anyway to talk about e-cigs as a supplement, since dietary supplements aren't/weren'tunder the jurisdiction of the FDA (yeah, i don't think it'll fly either). Even if the idea of changing to 'smoking replacement therapy' works, we still run up against the question of who will fund and run the studies. Either way, we need strong studies and we really need to go proactive about educating the general public. There will be some people who will never get it, but there are others who can be educated.

Kate said "we should campaign for nicotine to be allowed as a recreational drug like caffeine" . ....what i think we need to do is continue to educate the public about the difference between smoking and recreational nicotine use. I'm not absolutely sure the caffeine/nicotine analogy holds up- i haven't researched it yet- though i do have a coffee mug with the MSDS for caffeine printed on it.

Nicotine itself is not regulated, and anyone can purchase it, and all of the ingredients to make the juice. I hope people don't have to- because i think it's more dangerous for people to make small amounts at home. All it takes is a few people mistaking 6molar nicotine for 1 molar nicotine...or trying to measure small amounts of nicotine without sufficiently sensitive measurements.
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Re: Smoking Replacement Theory

Postby cconti » Wed Apr 20, 2011 7:51 pm

I think the OP is on the right track in principal, but I have some issues in regard to the definition "homeopatic".

Let me preface I am not an expert on Homeopathy or on the legalities, but this is what I know:

Homeopathy is a branch of alternative medicine professing that a substance, diluted between dozens to hundred of times (up and until not a single molecule of the original substance is present in the final product) will cure the same ailment provoked by the substance being diluted.
They call that "Similia Similibus Curantum" (similars cure similars, very roughly).
Scientifically speaking, Homeopathy is misguided at best, a scam at worse. There haven't been credible test studies that proved Homeopathy to be more effective than placebos. As placebos, it works really well though.

In the case of vaping, calling it "homeopathic" would not be true to homeopathy because the active ingredient is present in full force.

Legally, Homeopathy was successful in getting a dispensation from the FDA regulations about 90 years ago. This is why homepatic medicine are outside the control of the FDA. So in that sense, using the term "homeopatic" may be able to shield vaping from FDA scrutiny and if it's used in that context I am of the opinion that the end justifies the means. However, that has the potential to turn off some people that, unaware of the history and motives behind it may classify e-cigarettes as a quack cure.

Logically speaking, I don't see how the FDA could claim to regulate vaping unless tobacco products or nicotine were present and at that I think there is an argument to be made that their regulation should be limited to those juices containing nicotine. But we know that thinking rationally is not a virtue of the people that want to ban e-cigarettes.

Anyway, I felt I had to contribute what little I know about the subject.
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