Help Needed in Bismarck, ND!

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Help Needed in Bismarck, ND!

Postby Tiptond » Fri Jun 29, 2012 3:59 pm

I am looking for some help! In 2010, Bismarck, ND passed an city wide ordinance banning smoking in public places. With this ordinance, they also included electronic cigarettes in the ban. The ordinance can be found on the internet by searching for ordinance 5-12. Here is their definition of smoking: "“Smoking” means possessing a lighted cigar, cigarette, pipe, weed, plant, or any other lighted tobacco product in any manner or in any form or possessing any activated electronic or ecigarette or other electronic device used to heat tobacco or other plant substances."! I am looking for information and ways to fight this ordinance and remove electronic cigarettes from the ban! Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank You!
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Re: Help Needed in Bismarck, ND!

Postby Greg C » Fri Jun 29, 2012 10:27 pm

Hi Tiptond,

Unfortunately, North Dakota prohibitionists are now circulating a petition to get a "smoking" ban on the November ballot. That ban would cover e-cigarettes. So at the moment, getting e-cigarettes removed could turn out to be a waste of time. A Facebook group dedicating to stopping this ban is here --

However, if you want to pursue the idea of having Bismarck remove the ban on e-cigarette use, your first step may want to be a letter to the editor to the major newspaper in Bismarck. Before you write the letter, make sure you look up their guidelines on the website (most papers allow up to 200 words, sometimes more).

The letter could start off with something like this:

As a former smoker who was finally able to quit the habit ___ months / years ago with the help of an electronic cigarette, I was incredibly surprised and disappointed to find out that the 2010 Bismarck smoking ban actually banned their use alongside hazardous combustible products like cigarettes and cigars.

And then go onto explain how e-cigarettes do not emit carcinogens and how no rational basis exists for banning them, and thus the Bismarck City Council (or whatever the governing body is called) should strongly consider promoting public health by removing them.

When it's published, send it to your local city council members and ask for their thoughts. You may get lucky.

Feel free to e-mail it to before you send it in.
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