CASAA Newsletter August 2010

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CASAA Newsletter August 2010

Postby kristin » Tue Sep 21, 2010 1:33 pm

CASAA Newsletter: August 2010

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Here are excerpts from some of the articles in this month's newsletter:

U.S. Court of Appeals amicus brief filed
September 23rd will see the oral arguments before the U.S Court of Appeals in Smoking Everywhere vs. FDA (now actually Njoy vs. FDA, as Smoking Everywhere has removed itself from the suit.) CASAA will have a board member in attendance and will purchase a DVD of the proceedings to share with CASAA members.

CASAA has joined other e-cigarette and reduced-harm smokeless alternative proponents in filing an amicus brief, as amicus curiae (
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Elaine Keller appointed Vice President
CASAA board member Elaine Keller was nominated by the CASAA board to fill the position as CASAA's Vice President.
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CASAA in New York
On September 23rd, the New York Senate will be holding a public hearing on New York State's Clean Indoor Air Act.

Numerous bills before the Senate Standing Committee on Health seek to expand the ban on smoking in regard to secondhand smoke as well as to regulate the access to and type of tobacco products available in the State (including e-cigarettes). The Senate did not conduct a public hearing prior to voting on the 2003 amendments and feels it is important to hear from all stakeholders. This hearing will consider bills before the Health Committee and examine how current smoking laws at the State and local levels have been implemented and enforced.

CASAA is in the process of securing an invitation to speak before the Senate and has allocated travel expense funds to send CASAA board member, Attorney Ron Ward, to speak on behalf of smokeless alternative users.
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Info-graph handout and tri-fold brochure
CASAA has created a two-sided "info-graph" for CASAA members to distribute to their physicians and local medical facilities. The graph shows a stylized, human anatomy image and points out the vast differences between the impacts of e-cigarette vs. tobacco cigarette use on the body.
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Regional Reps still needed
If you haven't already guessed by previous articles in this newsletter, CASAA needs more Regional Representatives! The Board of Directors cannot watch every municipality, nor attend every hearing. CASAA member participation is crucial to CASAA's future success as an advocacy group!
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CASAA in Savannah, GA
CASAA Vice President Elaine Keller did outstanding work contacting the mayor of Savannah and securing 15 minutes to speak on the proposed Smoke-Free Air Act of 2010. CASAA does not have any Regional Representatives in the area at this time and felt that the city was large enough to warrant the travel expense for such an unprecedented time allotment.
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